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Proper Tie Length for Short Guys

Proper Tie Length Short Guys

A proper necktie length is something that most shorter guys have difficulty achieving.

Usually, we don’t tend to have many cases in which the tie is too short. Most shorter guys will rock a tie that’s well below their belt line, which just looks sloppy.

Guys this is a very easy fix, you simply need to get a tie that’s the proper length for your height.

Most standard ties are 58 inches long. While this length should fit most body types it tends to be too long for guys under 5’8″.

Proper Tie Length When a tie is worn at the proper length it helps balance out your legs and torso, wearing a tie at an incorrect length can throw the balance of the ensemble off.Our ties are 53 inches long. This length allows you to position your tie so that the tip is just touching the top of your belt buckle.

Keep in mind, you want to have the right length when you are standing at your normal posture.  Not the super upright and straight-backed posture you may use when checking yourself out in the mirror; but the posture you normally walk and stand with.